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Eugene A. DeLorme
President, Principle Officer

Paul A. Markwitz
Vice-President, B.A.

Christopher P. Toole
Secretary-Treasurer, B.A.

David W. Weilert
Recording Secretary, B.A

Richard T. Militello

Timothy L. Barbeto

Jeff  Sargent

Kevin M. McIntosh
Business Agent

John C. Emrich
Business Agent

Michael J. Maynard
Business Agent


Executive Board Members

Eugene A. DeLorme
President, PEO/Business Agent

 In 1979 Gene began his career as a Teamster while working at United Parcel Service as an Automotive Mechanic.  During his tenure at UPS he held several mechanical and plant engineering positions. 

Gene was elected Chief Steward in 1988.  In 1994 he was appointed Sergeant-At-Arms and shortly after in 1996 Gene was appointed to the position of Trustee on the Teamsters Local 118 Executive Board.

 In 1998 another opportunity to represent the membership presented itself.  The Local 118 Executive Board appointed Gene as a Full Time Business Agent.  In 2000 he successfully completed the Teamsters Leadership Academy for Union Officers.  Gene was elected to the position of Vice-President with Teamsters Local 118 in 2003.  He currently also serves as Vice-President on the Joint Council #46 Executive Board.

 In addition to his duties as President of Teamsters Local 118, Gene is also co-chairman on the Upstate New York UPS Discharge and Suspension Panel.  As a member of the UPS Upstate Negotiating Committee, he helped negotiate the 2002 UPS Local Supplemental Agreement.  Gene also serves as the Vice-President of the Rochester & Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation Executive Board and sits on the United Way Community Service Board.

Gene currently represents:
United Parcel Service-Rochester, Henrietta, Batavia & Geneva Centers; Empire Warehouse; Lake Beverage; Unisource; Rochester Beer & Beverage and the Greece Central School District Transportation Department.   


Christopher P. Toole
Secretary-Treasurer, B.A

Chris Toole was hired at United Parcel Service in the Rochester Center in 1983 as a part-timer on the Local Sort. He was promoted to a full-time Package Car position in 1985. Chris was appointed to the position of Assistant Union Steward in 1990 and became Chief Steward in 1998.

In 1994 Chris was appointed as Flag Bearer for Teamsters Local 118, and moved to the position of Sgt-At-Arms in 1996.

Chris was appointed to the position of Secretary-Treasurer in 2003, and has been re-elected to this position every year since. He was also named to the Board of Directors or the B.T.A. Credit Union and currently serves as the Board’s Secretary and Supervisory Committee Chair. In 2005 Chris was appointed to the Rochester Area Construction & Materials Annuity and Benefit Fund as a Labor Trustee.

Secretary-Treasurer Toole sits on the New York State Joint Area Committee for the National Master Freight Agreement, the panel for the National Master DHL Agreement, the UPS Freight Eastern Region Joint Area Committee and was recently placed on the New York State Supplemental UPS Committee. He also sits on the Rochester Building & Construction Trades Council.

Chris was appointed as a Trustee to the Joint Council 46 Executive Board in 2011.

He currently represents members at the following companies:

DHL Worldwide Express, Gates Highway, High Falls Brewery, Hanson Aggregates (Scottsville, Pavilion, Clarendon, Phelps, Penn Yan and Honeoye Falls), Iroquois Rock, Manitou Construction, NY Trailways, Western Bituminous, ABF Freight, New Penn, YRC Worldwide Freight. He also negotiates the contracts for Wegmans Food Markets and the Greece Central School District.

 Christopher can be reached at


Paul A. Markwitz
Vice-President, B.A.

Paul Markwitz began his Teamster career as a member of Local 118 working at Spartan Beverage for 11 years. During this time he was also elected Union Steward by his co-workers.

  In 1993 he began working for Genesee Brewery where he became an elected Union Steward and a member of their Negotiation Committee.

He was appointed as a Trustee of Local 791, later becoming a full time Business Agent for the their Local. Paul eventually became President of Local 791 and in cooperation with Local 118 helped facilitate the merger of both Locals.

 Currently Paul is a Trustee - Business Agent for Local 118, and he is Recording-Secretary of Joint Council #46, in addition, he sits on the board of numerous pension and health funds associated with Local #118.

Paul represents members at Boulter Corporation, Town of Walworth,  Highfalls Brewery, Lake Beverage, TV-13, Comac, Domine, Keeler Construction, Palmer Food Service, Sealand Construction, Associated Textile, Bradco Supply, BTA Credit Union, CP Ward, Interstate Brands, Miller Brick, Weckesser Brick, Weston Bakeries, RTS, Brighton DPW, American Time Companies, and Upstate Milk Co-op,as well as the Townships of Niles, Sennett and Skaneateles and the Villages of Lyons, Sodus Point and Wolcott.  Email Paul at


David W. Weilert
Recording Secretary, B.A.

Dave joined the Teamsters in 1984, upon accepting a job at Wegmans. Soon after he was elected as one of their Union Stewards. In 1989 Dave was promoted to Wegmans, Brooks Ave. facility where he was again elected Union Steward. Dave eventually was appointed Head Steward of the Meat Depot and has been on the Negotiation Committee since his appointment in 1989. Among his various duties working for the members, he was in charge of the Teamsters-Wegmans Sunshine Club.

In 1988 Dave was elected to the position of Trustee on Local 118’s Executive Board. In 2009 Dave was appointed to a full-time job with the Local as an Organizer. On January 5, 2011 Dave was sworn in as Local 118’s Recording-Secretary and Business Agent. Dave is the longest sitting Executive Board member of Local 118 With over 22 years experience.

Dave continues his role as Organizer as well as taking over the duties of Business Agent at Auburn Cement, B&S Trucking, Barr Transportation, Elderlee, Mapleton Transport, Poppas Trucking and Wegmans. E-mail Dave at


Richard T.Militello

Dick was hired at Wegmans in 1975, as a part time employee in the warehouse and in 1977 was promoted as a full time warehouseman. In 1978 he transferred into the transportation as a driver.

In 1996 he became an Alternate Steward, then in 1997 he ran unopposed and became the fulltime 1st shift-driving Steward for the transportation department.

In 2002 he was considered by the executive board, then appointed to a door position as the Flag Bearer. Then in 2003 was appointed then elected as a Trustee on the Executive Board where his responsibilities to the membership expanded.

As a concerned member from the start he has always been an active Teamster in participating in every election and contract. With hard work, honesty and determination some of his goals have been made. Email Richard at



Timothy L. Barbeto

     Tim Barbeto grew up in a large union family. Many of his family members belonged to unions including, The Teamsters, The Amalgamated Clothing and Textiles Workers (now Workers United), The United Food and Commercial Workers, and The United Auto Workers. From the age of 4 through 25 he even lived on South “Union” Street in Ogden.

     One of the proudest moments in Tim’s life was in early 1990 when he was hired at Wegmans Food Markets and became a Teamster like his father. The first four years he worked as a mechanized and automated systems mechanic in the Skilled Trades department, he then achieved his Master Electricians License and currently holds the position of Electrician.

     As an active member, Tim has attended nearly every monthly General Membership meeting since he started. He has also been seen at many rallies and walking on picket lines. As a representative, he’s elevated up from alternate steward to steward to Lead Steward, as well as being appointed to the door as Warden. He also played a strong role in negotiating the current collective bargaining agreement at Wegmans and continues to be a valuable asset in its interpretation.

     Tim is also very active in the Labor community as a whole. He holds the position of Trustee on the Rochester Labor Council, sits on the board of the Ronald G. Pettengill Labor Education Fund, plays an active role as a member of the Labor and Employment Relations Association of Rochester, and also volunteers with the United Way on their labor campaigns.

     Some of Tim’s education and recognition includes;

  • Graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Graduate of Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations

  • Graduate of the Union Community Assistance Network leadership program

  •  Many workshops and seminars

  • The Rochester Labor Council’s “Leaders of Tomorrow” award

  • The United Way’s “Rising Star” award

  • Many other certificates of recognition

     Tim’s mission is to strengthen and advance our union to improve the lives for working families and to bring economic justice to the workplace. He believes whole heartedly in the Labor Movement and has a natural born passion for it. Just talk to him once and you will see.



Jeff Sargent

Since becoming a member at United Parcel Service in 1990, Jeff Sargent was promoted from the position of casual driver to the Feeder Department where he later became a Union Steward. Jeff was elected Chief Steward for the Henrietta facility in 2011. In January of 2011 he was appointed as a Trustee on the Teamsters Local 118 Executive Board. Jeff's brother, Kevin Sargent, was a Local 118 Teamster member for 30 years before retiring from Red Star Express and New Penn Motor Express.



Business Agents

Kevin McIntosh’s
Business Agent

Kevin McIntosh was hired at Wegmans Food Markets in 1977.  In 1983 he then joined the Teamsters as a Wegmans warehouseman.  Kevin then ran for and was elected by his peers to be a Union Steward for the Frozen Food Department in 1984.  This was the start of his 20 years of service and involvement in 7 separate contract negotiations. 

Later in 1996 Kevin was appointed Sergeant-at-Arms by the Teamsters Local 118 executive board.  That same year, Kevin was asked to be the Head Steward for all of Wegmans Warehousing and Driving divisions. 

In 2003 Kevin was voted to the position of Chief Steward.  He was honored with the opportunity to represent all fellow Wegmans Teamsters. 

In 2004 Kevin was asked by the Teamsters Local 118 Executive Board to become a Business Agent.  As a Business Agent his responsibilities have been expanded to not only cover Wegmans Warehousing, Driving, Skilled Trades and General Merchandise Divisions but also to other companies such as Staples, Southern Wine & Spirits and B. Giambrone’s & Company Inc.  He has also organized and represents the Highway Departments for the Village of Pittsford, Town of Springwater and the Water Department for the Town of Jerusalem.

John C. Emrich
Business Agent

John Emrich first became a Teamster in 1976 when he started work at the Genesee Brewing Company as a Forklift/Machine Operator. Soon after he started at the Brewery he was elected Union Steward in warehousing. He has been involved in negotiating most of the Collective Bargaining Agreements at the Brewery.

 In 1982 John enrolled in the Cornell University Labor Studies Program where he graduated. His formal education included Labor Law, Collective Bargaining, and Arbitration.

 In 2001 he was appointed as Business Agent for Teamsters Union Local 791. Since that time he has been involved in numerous negotiations with many of the companies that were under Local 791.
John currently is a Business Agent for Teamsters Union Local 118.
John represents members at the following companies: Kraft Foods of North America, O-AT-KA Milk Coop.,  Angelica Textiles, Aramark Uniforms.


Michael J. Maynard
Business Agent

Michael's bio to be updated soon.
Please check back later.
Thank you





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