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International Brotherhood of Teamsters Members Benefit Program
In addition to job protection, benefits and wages provided for in Teamster Contracts, the International Union provides additional services offered at a discounted cost to the membership. Because of the strength and size of our membership, the International is able to negotiate these lower costs for services ranging from legal to medical to financial. We are always on the lookout for ways to save our Teamster families money and increase their prosperity.

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New York State Teamsters Health & Hospital Benefit Fund

Eligibility Quarters
In order for a full-time member to be eligible for Health & Hospital benefits, they must have worked 36 days in the eligibility quarter to be covered in the benefit quarter.

Eligibility Quarters Benefit Quarters
Sept, Oct, Nov Jan, Feb, Mar
Dec, Jan, Feb Apr, May, Jun
Mar, Apr, May Jul, Aug, Sept
Jun, Jul, Aug Oct, Nov, Dec

NOTE: The Health & Hospital eligibility requirement for United Parcel Service part-time employees is 210 hours in the qualifying quarter to be eligible for the benefit quarters. Air Employees must work 180 hours in the qualifying quarter to be eligible.

Visit the Benefits Funds website at www.nytfund.org.

Employees Guide to NYS Workers' Compensation Benefits


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